(26th April)

St Albans Girls School played host last year to the XLR8 dance troop event and we'll be returning this year!

Meraki Festival

(28th-30th August)

We've signed up for another for another fab year at Meraki Festival, last year The Shires headlined the festival so keep an eye on who they land this year!

TOT Fest

(23rd June)

A feel good sports day atmosphere,TOT Fest is full of activities to keep you busy, we can't wait to return to Hitchin next year 

M Fest

(4th July)

Good music, lush food and lots of fun games, M Fest is a wonderful day event at Marlborough school, it's ideal for families based around Hertfordshire 

Folk By The Oak

(19th July)

We will be returning for a 3rd year to Folk By The Oak, you won't find a more chilled out vibe anywhere else, a wonderful day to enjoy a drink and find your new favourite artist 




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