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How It Started

Our story originally began at our old cafe in our home village of Bricket Wood, we were always experimenting and seeing what new stuff we could offer our customers when one day we stumbled across this waffle machine which we purchased from China. The unique waffle iron cooks the batter mix into these wand shapes, ideal for eating on the go and socialising.

We soon realised that these waffles on a stick had a real unique selling point about them and started to offer our services as an alternative to wedding desserts. We then added 'Wanda' the waffle cart which is completely up-cycled and adds a beautiful backdrop at any wedding.

Once we were established in the wedding sector, we saw no reason why we couldn't branch it out further and are now a lot more present in the community and around the country, doing various festivals, corporate events, street markets, charity events and even christmas fayre's. 

We love what we do and take great pleasure in creating so many happy faces with our wonderful desserts, we take huge pride in the project and it brings us closer as a family.

-Louie Smith, Co-Owner of Waffle Wands

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